Worlds Meet Each Other - International Exhibition in MoCA Beijing 2018

On the afternoon of September 15, 2018, the International Art Exhibition "Worlds Meet Each Other – Art, Cultures and Friendship in Contemporary World" co-organized by the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art and the Hamburg Pashmin Art Consortia kicked off at the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art. The exhibition took eight months to showcase the works of 27 artists from 10 countries, including Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Japan, Finland, Sweden, Iran, Denmark, and the Netherlands. The works cover sculpture and photography and a variety of media such as painting and composite materials. The large-scale group exhibition launched by the Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art and Pashmin Art Consortia aims to open the door of communication between wisdom and art in different cultures, and is committed to contributing to the deeper cultural exchanges in future.

Famous artists were represented as well as younger, new and emerging ones. The works reveal their curiosity for the original and the recurring desire to contribute to the development of intercultural dialogue.

Each artist is socialized in his own sphere and characterized by a specific vocabulary and understanding of art; but at the same time all works must be seen here as individual positions in a whole unit: as signs of being together. They make the other visible and open up mental freedom of many kinds. They are personal self-expressions of participation in the multicultural whole. In the process, different worlds and cultures are undoubtedly cross-fertilized.

This project is much more than a pure group exhibition. In the course of globalization and internationalization, the multicultural coexistence of different ethnic groups has become a hallmark of modern societies. Recognizing this diversity as normal is a task that will increasingly be the focus of our social interaction on a daily and long-term basis, not only locally, bound to one place, but also internationally. In the meantime, we live in a world in which distance and proximity have been given new opportunities for development. In this new world, it is important to re-explore the possibilities of understanding, tolerance, acceptance and versatility and to recapture them in their changing expressions. This is a groundbreaking signal and at the same time an invitation. Finally, the intention of this exhibition project is to demonstrate the intellectual and artistic exchange between two great cultures and to carry them further into the future.

This exhibition was planned to come to end by October 15, 2018 but due to the public interest and because the exhibition coincided with the China Art Expo, it was extended till 31 October 2018. The Beijing Museum of Contemporary Art, as a special invited unit of the Art Fair held a special guided tour of the exhibition on the day of the opening of the Art Fair on September 29.