from DYSTOPIA to UTOPIA at Pashmin Art Gallery

from DYSTOPIA to UTOPIA at Pashmin Art Gallery

With artistic skill, the artists Ben Schütze, Sabine Suckrau and Horst Wagner whose works are exhibited at the exhibition “from DYSTOPIA to UTOPIA” create their imaginative art worlds in various forms. Their styles vary from symbolism and abstraction to realism. One thing they have in common, is that the three artists no longer just create a doubling of the reality by imitating the present world, but aim at beauty to expand our horizons beyond the dystopian finality to a future full of new possibilities.

The vernissage for the exhibition took place on August 23, 2020 at 7 p.m. at Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg. All three artists were present at the opening. The exhibition can be seen until 22.09.2020.


Titel: from DYSTOPIA to UTOPIA

Opening: 23.08.2020, 7 p.m.

Duration: 23.08.-22.09.2020

Artists: Ben Schütze, Sabine Suckrau, Horst Wagner

Venue: Pashmin Art Gallery Hamburg, Gotenstraße 21, 20097 Hamburg